chemofront1AVAILABLE SOON!

Back in 1983, hardcore punk was a pretty untested thing in central Indiana.  We knew about Fear and The Germs and we had the Zero Boys, but really serious HC was not yet in the Indiana mix.  Except for Chemotherapy.

Comprised of high school kids from the wealthy suburb of Carmel, Chemotherapy waxed an amazing 12 tracks onto their self released EP that year.  Only 300 copies were pressed and quite frankly, there are so scarce that I’d bet more than half of those got tossed out.  It’s on many collector want lists and you rarely see a copy up for sale. Despite seriously collecting Indiana records for a very long time and being right here in Indianapolis, I’ve never had one. Fortunately our friend Mike Sheets generously loaned us his copy for reference.

Though the vinyl is not around, the actual master tapes were located in Mike Moser’s vast Gnome Park tape archive and have been remastered by Paul Mahern.

Our edition of 500 7″ copies in replica form will be out in summer 2017, and will include an insert with notes from surviving band members.