Timechange 4


(TimeChange 4)

The Last Four Digits‘ “Big Picture” 7″ EP was one of the original Hardly Music releases from 1980 and L4D also appeared on Gulcher’s landmark Red Snerts compilation LP with a stirring cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Diddy Wah Diddy”.

The band had a few different incarnations, most notably as The Last Four (Five) Digits, when personnel changes resulted in ex-Dow Jones and the Industrials synth wizard Brad Garton coming on board, along with guitarist Mike Sheets (Cheeses from France, Dandelion Abortion) and bass player Julie Huffaker (Repellents).

This lineup recorded several songs and toured the East Coast, including a rousing set at CBGB’s.  None of these recordings have been released, unfortunately. Alternately, they appeared and recorded as We’re Jimmy Hoffa and The Christian Lepers from Indiana.

The band has regrouped occasionally, typically featuring original members Dave Fulton and John Koss, along with Sheets and Huffaker, performing as recently as 2011 as The Last Digit.

Fulton was also a key member of the studio synth madness project Observers Observing Observables, along with Brad Garton from Dow Jones.

TimeChange releases a retrospective of Digits material on Friday, July 14, 2017. The vinyl includes tracks from both Last Four (4) Digits and Last Four (5) Digits and is largely unreleased and includes the CD.  The CD reprises the vinyl tracks and includes the entire 30 minute live set from CBGB’s. Buy here.