I’ve been thinking about doing this label for quite some time and so here we go.  It’s my third label venture, so I guess you can say I haven’t gotten this out of my system yet.


Dow Jones and the Industrials – Hardly Music EP 1980

In the early 1980′s I joined with members of Dow Jones and the Industrials and The Last Four Digits to form a little label called Hardly Music.  That label released four punk/new wave EP’s and one LP.

In the mid 1990′s to the early 2000’s I was part owner of a label called OR Records.  We specialized in reissuing vintage psychedelic records, but we also did some contemporary punk rock releases, such as a 7″ by Ice Nine and a 10″ by The Problematics.  Notable also were reissues of legendary Indiana records, such as:

Anonymous – Inside the Shadow LP/CD
McKay – S/T LP/CD
The Screaming Gypsy Bandits – In the Eye LP
Smokin’ Willie – S/T LP


Tombstone Valentine – Hidden World LP/CD

A sister label, Aether Records, focused on contemporary space and psychedelic music with artists including Vas Deferens Organization, Mazinga Phaser, Tombstone Valentine and In the Summer of the Mushroom Honey.

This time, the focus will be only vintage material from Indiana and so far, the projects include psych, punk and new wave in various stages of development.  Check the news, releases and artists sections for up to date info.

Interested in having your recordings issued by TimeChange?  Please fill us in, we’d love to hear from you. – Rick Wilkerson